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Art Nr. ME30411
Mec ”Free Sight”
Aluminium/Stainless Steel
Extremely compact, uncluttered field of vision
Adjusting screws on both sides for height and sideways
Extreme precision, one click = 1/10 on an air rifle target
Protected screw threads, registered design
4mm front sight raiser included (Type required: FWB, Walther, Anschütz...)
Special small Centra-Iris 5 colours available as extra accessories
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Art Nr. GE50300
Gehmann 595C
All rearsights today suffer from backlash as a result of machine tolerances & thread wear or minute repositioning of the peep-hole after each shot
Our patented rearsight has the unique feature of being lockable, once set, throughout its range of adjustment
Designed with stainless steel rods between all moving surfaces -once the rearsight is set the cam lever is tightened-locking settings in place
Micro-precision adjustment gives 1.5 mm bullet shift per click at 50 metres individually numbered
Machined from solid aluminium for 100% precision (no castings)
Attractively anodised for lasting weather protection
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Art Nr. GE50302
Gehmann 599
Based on our 595 principle this robust rearsight is designed to offer the ability to lock position settings -completely eliminating shift
Has 20 mm of eight adjustment!
Absolute return to zero when any adjustment has been made and is then reset
Stainless steal clamping device and screws
Finished in matt black only
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Art Nr. GE50310
Gehmann 518 ”Clear View”
Another new design for 2003 -another first for Gehmann
developed from our 594 `See Through´ the `Clearview´ rearsight has a much wider tunnel for viewing wind flags (30 mm)
The viewer can be air-cleaned and carry optional colour filters 518-U (extra)in yellow,green,light and dark grey
On a clear glass at the front of the rearsigh is an exceptionally slim iris (with our 30-year guarantee)adjustable from 0.8 -2.4 mm - this is threaded at the front end to allow attachment of 518-F screw-on colour filters (extra)-(for the range of filters see panel,left)
The glass plate and the iris are easily removed for cleaning
A slim anti-glare tube 518-T (extra)also attaches to the front of the iris to give weather protection
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Art Nr. WA26346
Walther Competition Sight
Fit both air and smallbore rifles
Steel, 20 click