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Art Nr. MO77000
Monard Boots
Top price shooting shoe made of leather. Anatomically shaped inner sole. Optimum workmanship for stability. Colours: Black-Grey
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Size: 35 48
Art Nr. KU60100
The whole boot is made of smooth leather. The toe area of the boot has been adapted in height & width to suit ergonomic necessities. The height of heel has been decreased by 8 mm as desired by top international shooters. The new boot lace stopper allows an even more precise lacing in the lower heel area. An absolute word-wide revolution in the field of shooting boots.
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Size: 36 48
Art Nr. ST60101
Stenvaag Strong
Well padded tongues made of per- forated material avoid pressure and guarantee a perfect air circulation. Perforation holes in the outer shaft plus porous padding foames allow comforting air circulation. Toe- and heel-cap are made of extremely stiff thermoplastic material.

Also new: the white sole fabric, highly durable and non-deforming. A genuine improvement for the kneeling position. The anti-skid profile of the rubber sole ensures a steady foot-hold.
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Size: 36 48
Art Nr. KU60101
Shoe Sole Tree
Will prolong the life of your shooting boots. Ensures constant flat soles for many years. Suitable for all common shooting boots of all size.