Registration Data - Mandatory
First of all, you have to submit a few personal data, such as Name, Address and so on, otherwise we will not be able to send, what you have ordered!
Save Data

To save your data have many advantages.
Later you want to order another jacket or trousers. You can gain your saved data and the only thing you have to do, is to change model and your personal measurement from last time will be there and you don’t have to fill in all the fields once again!

1. Click the button Save Data and you will be directed to a page where you state a password
2. Click OK
3. You get a message, that your data has been saved
4. Next, click the button Back to begin the Guide

Attention! You don’t have to save data, to use the Guide!

Fetch Data

Fetch Data, it's what it sounds like. You gain your data which you have earlier submitted.

1. Click Fetch Data
2. State the email-address and password
3. Click Send
4. Click Back, to start the Guide

Start Guide

This button will start the Guide.

Choose Model

This is the page where you will be able to choose the model of your choice.
1. Click Save Data, if you want to save your data, otherwise click Continue>>


This page starts the Measurement Guide; it’s divided into 7 steps.
1. Click Save Data on each page, if you want to save your data, otherwise click Continue>>

Colouring your Dress, Jacket or Trousers

Now, when you’re done with the Measurement Guide, it’s time to give colour to your order!
The colouring is very easy:
1. Just choose the target color on the Jacket or Trousers and then, choose the Brush Colour.
2. Click on the Brush Color of your choice and then click any sector of the Target Colour!

Send order

When you have done all the steps in this guide, you just have to click Send Order.

What will happens when clicking the Send Order button?

You will be directed to a page, containing all the data you have stated and your order will be sent to Monard Shooting and you will get a copy of the order.

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