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Art Nr. GE50120
Manufactured from composite nylons micro-adjuster for precise length from arm to rifle cuff size is adjustable.
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Art Nr. GE50121
as above but without micro-adjustment.
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Art Nr. GE50122
Manufactured from artificial non-stretch material with infinite length adjustment -in two separate sections.

Sections are coupled through a threaded universal joint giving micrometrical length adjustm nt and full articulation.

The threaded adjuster is easily accessible when shooting -for setting precise length from arm to rifle.

The cuff can be tailored to size on on sid with two lock-screws which pass through the sling -and on th other with a buckle.

A cut-out on the cuff accepts th 439 hook attached to our jackets -this item is also available as a spar.

Special rubber grip insid th cuff eliminates creep.
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Art Nr. MO91000
Skytteremmen är tillverkad i ett nytt syntetiskt material som är följsamt men ej töjbart. Remmen är specialgjord för juniorskyttar och minsta diameter är endast 7 cm när den smarta skruvjusteringen är i sitt innersta läge.
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Art Nr. GE70700
1 ” diameter with milled edge includes button release swivel locks to the fore-end rail by screwing upward.
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Art Nr. ME30230
MEC Stop
Individually adjustable handstop, Aluminium and Stainless with sling attachment from Blued Steel. The carefully developed form means minimal pressure on the hand.

Variable height adjustment of the waisted central axis for differing hand sizes . Sideways offset of the axis reduces transmission of pulse beats to the rifle.
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Art Nr. SA10000
Handstop Steel
With sling swivel and push button disengages swivel which remains on the sling.
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