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In cooperation with top shooters we have developed and constructed an attractive and sophisticated design line of shooting clothes, perfectly suited for today's top class shooters. The special design and use of a new constructed cotton superlining, in both jacket and trousers optimize comfort, flexibility, support and guaranteed stability for several years. The model "Olympic" has superlining and strong leather as outerlinning.

Special rubber padding adapts optimally to the curve of knees and elbows, and eliminates slipping and discomfort under supporting knee and elbows.

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Art Nr. MO10000
Olympic Jacket
Anatomical cut, with pre-curved sleeves for perfect fitness in all shooting positions. Soft cowhide nappa inserts at the custom-made neck area, sleeves and under armpit. Front part near supporting arm and the button line is reinforced with high-performance synthetic suede to prevent sliding.
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Art Nr. MO11000
Olympic Trousers
The trousers have Velcro opening with four hook attachments. Open sloping upwards from the inside leg and same time downwards from the waist line. The trousers also have an opening at the groin, in line with the left-hand upper leg (for right hand shooters) into which a soft comfort lining is inserted. At the back of each leg, is attached a full-length zip with two slides.
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Art Nr. MO11001
OLympic Dress
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Art Nr. MO10500

Prone Olympic
There is now a version of the Olympic jacket designed specifically for prone shooting. The main differences are:
-The cut of the sleeves is different from the normal Olympic
-The left hand side of the jacket is made from one piece of suede

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